Vonixx V-Paint PRO Paint Ceramic Coating 20ml


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V-PAINT is a paint ceramic coating with a durability of up to 3 years, developed with silicon molecules that coat the vehicle surface and form a highly resistant nanotechnological barrier. V-PAINT promotes water and dirt repellency making the washing extremely easy, UV protection, and deep shine. The nanofilm formed on the paint minimizes the harmful effects of tree sap, bird droppings, the action of sun rays, salt air, acid rain, and even some light marks caused by poorly executed washes, avoiding the premature wear of the paint. It also can be used on wheels. The 20 ml bottle yields around 1-2 cars. Applicator included. We recommend using Vonixx SiO2-Pro Ceramic Spray Sealant each 30-45 days to maintain the gloss, extend the ceramic coating life, avoid water spots and provide a smooth touch to the paint.

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