Vonixx V30 Finishing Compound 500ml


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Polisher V30 is a polishing compound from the Asian line, designed especially for soft varnish paintings. Its use is recommended for removing holograms and surface marks during the polishing stage, providing an intense and deep shine. DILUTION Ready to use. RECOMMENDED USE Painting, chrome surface, piano black andwheels. IDEAL BERET FOR POLISHING STAGE Use the refining and polishing foam beret or Vonixx polishing beret. Work in areas measuring 50x50cm. Perform overlapping criss-cross passes until the product forms a thin, transparent film on the piece. WORK ROTATION (ROTARY POLISHER/ROTO ORBITAL) Rotary polisher: working speed 800 to 1000 rpm. Roto orbital polisher: working speed from 1,600 to 2,240 opm.

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